Wmffre (1998:19,20)

De Arbres
 2.8 negation
 Nouns can be emphatically negated by the negative adjective (e')bet 'at all', e.g.,
 (36) n ø.s (ke) b~ɑŋk bed ba ke:ɣ 'there is no bank in town'
 The post-positioned negative verbal particle ke(d) can be dispensed with when (e')bet is also present in the same sentence, and is usually not found in a phrase such as 
(x) n ø.s d~ɛn e'bet ~ɑmə
ne1 est personne aucun ici
'There is nobody here.'
[équivalent standard: N'eus den ebet amañ- ]

 ... though the addition of ke(t) would be quite acceptable.


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