Fleuriot (1964)

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  • Fleuriot, L. 1964. Le vieux breton. Éléments d'une grammaire. Paris: Klincksieck.

Les acronymes sont GRVB., GVB.
L'acronyme GRVB. est utilisé dans Hemon (2000).
L'acronyme GVB. est utilisé dans Fleuriot (1997).

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compte rendu par Hemon, Roparz 1966. Celtica 7:248-56.

 Fleuriot & Fleuriot (1977:17):
 "The first part of the latter volume requires improvements after the publication of Jackson's book. Since these books were printed, [Léon Fleuriot] has had little time to pursue this research further. However, in 1966 another important source of Old Breton glosses was discovered in a manuscript of Amalarius (Fleuriot 1966-67). In fact, attention had been called to the manuscript by Father Hanssens in 1926, but the senior author had failed to notice it. 
 Since 1965, several studies on Old Breton have been published by Dressler, Bachellery, and Pennaod [...]"

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