Timm (2001b)

De Arbres

Timm, Lenora, 2001b. 'Transforming Breton: A Case Study in Multiply Conflicting Language Ideologies', Texas Linguistic Forum 44:447-461. pdf

 "This study describes a complex and contested set of efforts by mid 20th-c. language strategists in Brittany to modernize and standardize the Breton language in a calculated attempt to hoist Breton to the rank of a world language. It considers accomplishments and setbacks of those efforts, and reactions to them by the traditional Breton-speaking population. It is shown that the language strategists were motivated by conceptions of language refracted through a lens colored by strong notions concerning language and identity and language and political economy. The conclusion considers the possible implications for the perpetuation of Breton as one of Europe's 'small' languages."