Muradova (2012)

De Arbres
  • Muradova, Anna. 2012. 'The Breton Verb endevout and the French avoir: The Influence of Descriptive Grammars on Modern Breton Verbal System', Maxim Fomin, Václav Blažek and Piotr Stalmaszczyk (éds.), Transforming Traditions: Studies in Archaeology, Comparative Linguistics and Narrative, Proceedings of the Fifth International Colloquium of Societas Celto-Slavica held at Příbram, 26-29 July 2010, Studia Celtica 6, 65-74.

 "the influence of Latin and French patterns on the descriptive and prescriptive grammars of Breton and even on the brezhoneg beleg is not to be neglected. Nor should we neglect the fact that the development of the Middle Breton and pre-modern Breton verbal system made it possible for these changes to become understandable and acceptable for the speakers."