Irslinger (2014b)

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  • Irslinger, Britta 2014b. 'Intensifiers and Reflexives in SAE, Insular Celtic and English', Indogermanische Forschungen 119, 159–163.

 "Intensifiers and reflexives have been studied as features both in areal linguistics and in the context of substratum hypotheses. While typical SAE languages differentiate between intensifiers and reflexives, English, Welsh and Irish use complex intensifiers for both functions. This article discusses the two strategies with regard to their diachronic developments, starting with PIE. Complex intensifiers are first recorded in Old British and emerge only later in English and Irish. These complex intensifiers are then increasingly used as reflexives, constituting an instance of areal divergence from SAE between the late Middle Ages and the early modern period. Breton, on the other hand, maintains its intensifier – reflexive differentiation due to areal convergence."