Wojcik (1976)

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  • Wojcik, Richard, 1976. 'Verb fronting and auxiliary do in Breton', A. Ford, J. Reighard, et R. Singh (éds), Papers from the Sixth Meeting of the Northeastern Linguistic Society, Montreal Working Papers in Linguistics/Recherches linguistiques à Montréal, vol.6., McGill University, Montreal, 259-278.

 note de Timm (1990:205):
 A "linguist who has written on the Breton ober periphrastic, Wojcik (1976), does not seem to question the verbal status of the Breton VN, and argues that the periphrastic construction results from a rule of Verb Fronting that places the verb (=VN) in clause initial position; by his analysis, this then gives rise to the auxiliairy ober as a support for the main verb."