Widmer (2017)

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Widmer, Paul. 2017. 'Cases, paradigms, affixes and indexes: Selecting grammatical relations in Middle Breton', E. Poppe, K. Stüber, P. Widmer (éds), Referential Properties and Their Impact on the Syntax of Insular Celtic Languages, 217–242, Nodus Publikationen, Münster.

 "This article describes the main Middle Breton morphosyntactic classes (nouns/demonstrative pronouns, independent pronouns, flagged indexes, pre-indexing, and post-indexing) that are involved in the selection of grammatical relations and gives an overview of how these classes, together with agreement, participate and interact in argument selection.
 From a diachronic perspective, inaccessible referents continue the alignment pattern of the Insular Celtic neuter gender class (S=A=O), accessible referents the pattern of the Insular Celtic masculine/feminine gender classes (S=A≠O). Compared to its Insular Celtic predecessor, pre-indexing lost the ability to select {G} arguments. Post-indexing in turn lost some of the properties of the category they originated from (verbal endings) by accommodating to pre-indexing to some extent."


  • fn.17. sa référence à "Hemon (1975: 279f.)" réfère à Hemon (1975:§178, premier ex.).