Stephens (1982)

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  • Stephens, J. 1982. Word order in Breton, Ph.D. thesis, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.


Janig parle la variété de breton de Lannion (c.p., 2018).

 Stephens (1982:7-8)
 "I am a native speaker of the dialect of Bro-Dreger, having learned French only when I went to school.
 Most of my study will be based on my experience with and knowledge of that dialect. I should remark, however, that I have examined sources from all the other dalects including Bro-Wened. These are available in a number of publications in Breton, such as Al Liamm, Hor Yezh, Pobl Vreizh, Barr-Heol, Brud Nevez, Skrid, Al Lanv, Evit ar Brezhoneg.
 An important other source is the collection of the spoken Breton of Bro-Dreger by Jules Gros (1970, a, b, 1974). Gros, himself a native speaker of the dialect of Bro-Dreger, carefully compiled a collection of Breton as it was spoken, in the first part of this century [XX°].
 There exist also monthly magazines on audio tape cassettes: Kazetenn ar Vro Plinn, Kazetenn Bro-Dreger, Kazetenn ar Menez, for example, which proved to be valuable sources of material. The speakers on Kazetenn Bro-Dreger speak in the dialect of Bro-Dreger, but Bro-Plin being close to the South, includes speakers from different dialects.
 Finally, during regular visits to Brittany, I have been able to consult neighbours and members of my family, all native speakers of Breton, and for whom Breton is still the everyday language."


Habask (1983) est cité dans cette thèse de 1982 dans le texte et en bibliographie comme ayant été publié en 1980.