Stephens (1982)

De Arbres

Stephens, J. 1982. Word order in Breton, Ph.D. thesis, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

 Stephens (1982:7-8)
 "I am a native speaker of the dialect of Bro-Dreger, having learned 
 French only when I went to school.
 Most of my study will be based on my experience with and knowledge of
 that dialect. I should remark, however, that I have examined sources 
 from all the other dalects including Bro-Wened. These are available in 
 a number of publications in Breton, such as Al Liamm, Hor Yezh, 
 Pobl Vreizh, Barr-Heol, Brud Nevez, Skrid, Al Lanv, Evit ar Brezhoneg.
 An important other source is the collection of the spoken Breton of 
 Bro-Dreger by Jules Gros (1970, a, b, 1974). 
 Gros, himself a native speaker of the dialect of Bro-Dreger, carefully
 compiled a collection of Breton as it was spoken, in the first part of 
 this century [XX°].
 There exist also monthly magazines on audio tape cassettes: 
 Kazetenn ar Vro Plinn, Kazetenn Bro-Dreger, Kazetenn ar Menez, for example, 
 which proved to be valuable sources of material. 
 The speakers on Kazetenn Bro-Dreger speak in the dialect of Bro-Dreger,
 but Bro-Plin being close to the south, includes speakers from different 
 Finally, during regular visits to Brittany, I have been able to consult 
 neighbours and members of my family, all native speakers of Breton, and 
 for whom Breton is still the everyday language."