Schafer (1995)

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  • Schafer, R. 1995, ‘Negation and Verb Second in Breton.’, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 13, 135-172.

 "This paper provides an analysis of Breton phrase structure and examines its consequences for the reformulation of the ECP in Rizzi (1990b). Particularly, I argue that subjects must be antecedent governed. I demonstrate that a number of aspects of Breton syntax, particularly subject agreement phenomena in V2 root clauses, are thus explained. In the course of the argument, I present an alternative to the standard analysis of the language, in which I treat V2 not as an absolute characterization of a language containing certain rules, but rather as one relative to the instantiation of an abstract feature [Aff] (see Laka 1990) and the nature of  (Platzack 1986, Rizzi 1990a)."


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