Rottet (2020)

De Arbres
  • Rottet, Kevin J. 2020. 'Complex prepositions in Breton', Benjamin Fagard, José Pinto de Lima, Dejan Stošić, & Elena Smirnova (éds.), Complex Adpositions in European Languages: A Micro-Typological Approach to Complex Nominal Relators, Series Empirical Approaches to Language Typology (EALT) Vol 65, Berlin: De Gruyter, 195-231.

étude des prépositions complexes et des prépositions doublées à partir d'une étude de corpus.

 "In this chapter we report on the use of simple and complex adpositions in Breton, a Brythonic Celtic language of western France. Prepositions represent significant part of what is distinctive about the Celtic languages. Many prepositions trigger initial consonant mutations (Breizh 'Brittany' but da Vreizh 'to Brittany'); simple prepositions are inflected for pronominal complements (evit ma breur 'for my brother' but evitañ 'for him'), Complex prepositions come in several patterns, including one in which pronominal complements take the form of possessive infixes (a-raok 'before' but en ho raok 'before you', cf. ho 'your') and other in which locative prepositions can be given dynamic interpretations by adding or changing a prefix or an element perceived as one (war 'on' versus diwar 'from on', or etre 'between' versus a-dre 'from between'). A corpus study based on thirty novels, autobiographies and collections of folktales from the 19th to the 21st century reveals more variation in complementation patterns and attested combinations than is noted in the descriptive and pedagogical literature. The corpus also reveals robust cases of ablative-locative transfer in which ablative prepositions can come to be interpreted as static locatives over time, requiring another element to be added to restore the ablative sense, in a cycle that may then be repeated."

Keywords: Celtic, Brythonic, Breton, inflected prepositions, possessive infixes, ablative-locative transfer

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