Rivero (1999)

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  • Rivero, M.L. 1999. 'Stylistic verb-movement in yes-no Questions in Bulgarian and Breton', Crossing Boundaries, advances in the theory of Central and Eastern European languages, Kenesei, Istvan (éd.), Amsterdam, John Benjamins, 67-90.

 "In this paper, I discuss a type of V-raising that applies to satisfy a PF interface or bare output condition, and not to check a formal feature. From my perspective, this type of process differs not only from the ordinary syntactic rule, which in the minimalist program (Chomsky 1995) is the overt feature-checking operation before Spell Out, but also from the phonological rule of the PF branch. Thus I discuss a process that I consider a hybrid kind that bridges syntax and (post-syntactic) phonology, which leads to differences with two other recent prominent approaches roughly dubbed phonological and syntactic. On the one hand, a long tradition places in phonology the explanation of some of the phenomena I discuss here, and I dispute this view by stressing similarities between PF processes and syntactic processes. On the other hand, recent proposals that include my earlier work assume that the syntactic core is the key for an account of the same phenomena. Here, I also dispute this view by pointing out characteristics that in minimalist terms do not seem to fit the computational core. To repeat, the processes examined here bear a closer resemblance to the processes of the syntax that to those of the phonology; which makes my approach syntactic and not phonological. Still, these processes are not like ordinary syntactic rules, which adds the phonological flavor that captures some traditional intuitions."