Rivero (1993a)

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  • Rivero, M. L., 1993a. 'Finiteness and second position in Long Head Movement languages: Breton and Slavic', paper read at the Lund April 1993 meeting ofEurotyp Project Group 3.

 Ortiz de Urbina (1993:):
 "Rivero's (1993a) analysis is based on the idea that the finite feature of Infl, like other morphological features, must be licensed (Chomsky 1992). This licensing takes place within local X-bar theoretic domains, in particular, in the case of Breton, within the internal domain of the c-commanding head immediately above Infl, that is, C. Finite Infl in Breton, then, will be licensed when IP is the complement of C. When an element is hosted within CP, the C head is generated and finite Infl can then be licensed in its complement. X will 'count as first' to which Infl can be 'second'. X could be the negative head moved to C (2.1), a phrasal constituent in the specifier of CP (a topic or a wh-phrase as in 2.3), or a participle moved by LHM to C as a last resort process to create the appropriate domain for licensing."


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