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  • Rezac, M. 2013. 'The Breton double subject construction', Ali Tifrit (éd.), Phonologie, Morphologie, Syntaxe Mélanges offerts à Jean-Pierre Angoujard, PUR, 355-379. - version 2009 avant édition: pdf.

 This widespread construction has its place in most grammars of the language, and it is studied in depth by Urien (1989 a, b) and Hendrick (1988). There is an anologue in Irish, McCloskey and Sells (1988), Ó Baoill and Maki (2007), and others perhaps farther afield, Doron and Heycock (1999). 
 Yet, if it is truly a double subject construction rather than a more commonplace one such as dislocation, it corresponds to nothing in English or French, and theories of their syntax are designed to block it. Thus its linguistic interest. 


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