Rezac (2004)

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Rezac , M. 2004. ‘The EPP in Breton: An unvalued categorial feature’, Triggers, Studies in Generative Grammar, A. Breitbarth & H. v. Riemsdijk, Mouton de Gruyter, 451–492. Preview

 This paper investigates the syntax of the unique pre-verbal position of Breton V2 clauses, 
 which will be identified as [Spec, TP], and the mor-phology of T (glossed R), which 
 will be shown to code the syntactic cate-gory of [Spec, TP]. 
 The focus will be on [Spec, TP] as an A-position, exemplified in (1):
 (1)a. Bez' e oa (Azenor) gwelet (Azenor).
       EXPL R was Azenor seen Azenor
       Azenor was seen.
    b. Azenor1 a oa t1 gwelet.
    c. Gwelet1 e oa t1 Azenor.
 We will see that when such [Spec, TP] is filled by movement, the feature responsible cannot 
 be Case or φ-features, which are usually associable with A-movement.