Press (2010)

De Arbres
  • Press, Ian. 2010. 'Breton', Ball, Martin J. & Nicole Müller (éds.), The Celtic Languages, Routledge.

Il s'agit d'un portrait morphophonologique concis du breton. La syntaxe est amorcée en lien avec la morphologie.

 "The following sketch of Breton is highly constrained, and abridged; it may, however, provide a useful point of departure and reasonably refl ect a once relatively very strong Celtic language. Imperative are firm measures creating a public and official presence for the language, the revival of widespread Breton-speaking among the young, and the strengthening of intergenerational continuity. Constraint implies the presentation of a ‘unified’ Breton, which is not necessarily impoverished and characterless. Breton is ‘felt’ to be one [?]. Much variation will be come across, but the language is there [?]."


  • p. 452. le préfixe kel- , kem- , ken- est illustré par kelvezek ‘with lots of walnut- trees’ (sur kelvez ‘walnut- trees’).