Moal & al. (2021)

De Arbres
  • Moal, Stefan, Tânia Gastão Saliés & Claudia Spitz. 2021. 'Schooling as the New Site of Heritage Language Transmission: From Breton's Past Experience to Implications for PHL Pedagogy', G. Marques-Schäfer, R.C.S.F. Stanke (éds.), DaF e Aprendizagem Intercultural / DaF und interkulturelles Lernen, GiF:on Giessener Fremdsprachendidaktik: online 17. Giessen : Giessen University Library Publications. 153-186.

 "Spitz, Saliés & Moal's paper addresses the role of schooling in Portuguese as a Heritage Language (PHL) transmission and teaching. The authors present the case of Breton and related literature in intergenerational heritage language transmission and maintenance, teaching pedagogy and parental attitude toward heritage languages. According to the authors, Breton's past experience shows that schools play a key role in language maintenance and this fact can be seen as a lesson for PHL in Brazilian communities in the diaspora. The authors also point out the importance of offering activities at home, at school and elsewhere to develop the cultural competence of new generations and thus maintain the cultural capital that a heritage language represents."