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  • Menard, Martial & Jean-Marie Avril (trad.). 2021. Introduction to the Breton Language, ms.

traduction par Jean-Marie Avril de l'ouvrage pédagogique de Martial Menard (2006):
Menard, Martial. 2006. Petit guide d'initiation au breton, Coop Breizh.

 "It is exactly the re-publishing of a series of 54 articles that appeared in OUEST-FRANCE DIMANCHE from September 1998 to September 1999.  Some of those articles were treated in the newspaper in two or three parts.  In this book, they are put into one block.
 Each article speaks of a theme that is developed more or less substantially both in terms of vocabulary and proverbs as well as other popular expressions that constitute the Breton linguistic 'trademark'.  You will also find everyday sentences and other vocabulary items.
 Grammar is rarely examined.  In fact, the aim of this book is to give some knowledge on the Breton language, last Celtic tongue spoken on the European continent.  Having said that, the author dares to express the wish that a good sizeable portion of those who enjoyed this introduction will do more that just be satisfied with a passing acquaintance with this tongue and will endeavor to learn it.
 The second part of this book shows briefly the history of BREZHONEG (that is how Breton is named in the Celtic idiom) that, in spite of all that was done to hasten its vanishing by the French government, enters the third millennium with more defenders of its use than it has ever known.  Let's hope all will be fluent in speaking it and, in doing so, will protect it better.
 Following this historical 'interlude', one will see the map of Celtic countries, a linguistic map of Brittany, a comparative table of the different Celtic tongues as well as a small tree of the group of each language.
 To finish, there is a little VADE MECUM containing Breton classes addresses, educational organizations, training, learning methods, books on the Breton language and books written in a simple form of the tongue as well as Breton radio stations."