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Working on Breton

On-line dictionnaries and Atlas

  • Trilingual Dictionnary Preder - English, brezhoneg, français

  • ALBB, Atlas linguistique de la Basse-Bretagne, Pierre Le Roux (1927)

access to the language

There exist different sources of corpuses that are now available on the internet. See our page on corpuses ressources.

European documentation ressources on Breton sociolinguistics


  • LSCL, Lublin Studies in Celtic Languages.

Sources for old texts

has an index of primary source materials in Celtic studies and a project page for *datlā: a Celtic studies bibliography.
School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Learning Breton

  • The 'International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language' has a list of references that can be usefull for beginners.
  • Some breton radios are available under numeric format:

Other Celtic

Minorized languages in Europe

  • Main European legal documents on regional and minority languages.
  • Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity: NPLD

Pedagogical material

  • A Digital Library of Language Relationships (including Minority languages): MultiTree
 Mutlti tree is a searchable database of hypotheses on language relationships.
 One can compare language trees and access bibliographical information on them,
 see a graphical representation of every scholarly hypothesis on language relationships,
 view information on every language

FAQ about endangered languages for the non-specialist.

"Every time I tell students in my classes about language death and language endangerment, they are surprised and shocked,
not only at the information itself, but that they had never heard about it before...
Students should have such basic knowledge about language change, language endangerment, and language death well before
they happen upon that information in a college classroom."

This site is meant to be a comprehensive web-resource for the benefit of the linguistic community at large, from those who
teach courses in field methods, endangered languages, and language revitalization, to those who do or wish to conduct
field research.

The site provides access to many of the field manuals produced by the
Language and Cognition Group at the Max Planck Institute for
Psycholinguistics. It contains a bonanza of material for the field
elicitation of semantics and the field collection of verbal behaviour. These
are unique resources that have been compiled over nearly twenty years of
investigation of under-studied languages.

On-line ressources on endangered languages

  • OREL is a regularly updated library of 250 annotated and categorised links to websites for people interested in endangered language documentation and revitalisation.

The purpose of the Register of Good Practices in Language Preservation, a project of UNESCO's Endangered Languages Programme,
is to identify, document, and render visible as well as accessible past and current practices that have proven to be successful
in the protection of languages and language communities.

Free softwares for linguistics