Krämer (2001)

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  • Krämer, Martin. 2001. 'On Obstruent Voicing in Breton, German, and Italian', dans A. Holmer, J.-O. Svantesson & Å. Viberg (éds.),

Proceedings of the 18th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics. Travaux de l’Institut de Linguistique de Lund. Lund University Press:39-55. ms. disponible sur lingbuzz

 In this paper, I investigate seemingly unrelated occurrences of obstruent voicing in derived environments in three different languages: Breton, German, and Italian. In the Breton dialect spoken on Île de Groix, underlyingly voiceless obstruents are realised as voiced when they are followed by a vowel-, or sonorant-initial word (1a). 
 Since they do not surface as voiced when followed by a vowel-initial affix (1b), this instance of voicing cannot be explained as intervocalic or intersonorant voicing.
 (1) Île de Groix Breton:
 a. [ʃùg əzáj], 'Sit down there!'
 b. [ʃùk-ed əzáj], 'Sit down (you.plural) there!', Ternes (1970:45)