Jouitteau (2005b)

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  • Jouitteau, M. 2005b. 'Nominal Properties of vPs in Breton, A hypothesis for the typology of VSO languages’, Verb First: On the Syntax of Verb Initial Languages, Carnie, Andrew, Heidi Harley and Sheila Ann Dooley (eds.), xiv, 434 pp. (pp. 265–280) Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company. texte, ou texte.

 Abstract :
 Celtic and Semitic languages show the following clustering of typological properties: 
 (i) the Complementarity Principle in the verbal agreement system; 
 (ii) licensing of a genitive dependent by a construct state; 
 (iii) a verbal construction whose object bears genitive. 
 The aim of this paper is to show how (i-iii) are derived in one of these languages taken as a case study. I will show that in the Breton language (Continental Celtic), the three properties mentioned above follow straightforwardly from one parameter: the interpretability of the [D] feature on v as represented in (1a), where v is a functional projection similar to D in a DP structure in (1b).
 (1) a. [vP Subject v [D- φ 3.SG ] [ VP ] ]
     b. [ DP ... D [ NP ] ]

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Dans l'abstract, le terme "Continental Celtic" est maladroit car, même s'il est factuellement indéniable que la Bretagne est continentale, ce terme est surtout utilisé pour les langues celtiques anciennes comme le gaulois.