Humphreys (1990)

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  • Humphrey, Humphreys Lloyd. 1990. 'Traditional Morphological Processes and their Vitality in Modern Breton and Welsh', Celtic Linguistics: Readings in the Brythonic Languages, Ball, Fife, Poppe, Rowland, Celtic Linguistics: Readings in the Brythonic Languages Festschrift for T. Arwyn Watkins, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 68, Benjamins, 129-150.

 "The aim is to provide a concise and convenient survey of the main morphological categories in the two languages [Welsh and Breton] and lies more in the direction of useful generalisation than the production of irrefutable theoretical constructs. The co-ordinated presentation ought to provide insights into the structures of both languages, both synchronic and diachronic. The questions raised certainly identify lines for further investigation."

 Humphreys (1990:130):
"La suffixation est de loin le processus morphologique le plus important, suivi par l'apophonie ou la modification des voyelles. La préfixation, l'infixation et la modification des consonnes opèrent aussi de façon plus restreinte, les deux dernières jouant un rôle purement auxiliaire."