Horsnby (2017)

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  • Hornsby, Michael. 2017. 'Finding an ideological niche for new speakers in a minoritised language community', Language, Culture and Curriculum 30:1, 91-104, DOI: 10.1080/07908318.2016.1230622.

 "This article examines some of the linguistic and ideological tensions resulting from language shift and subsequent revitalisation, using Breton as a case study. As a result of the opening up of ideological spaces in discourses on what it means to be a Breton speaker in the twenty-first century, the appearance of so-called ‘new’ speakers highlights a number of points of contestation. Operating within contexts which are becoming increasingly ‘postvernacular’ [Shandler, J. 2004, 2006] in nature, the use of Breton by these speakers can be viewed as more symbolic rather than communicative in many respects. Postvernacular use exists on a continuum of linguistic practice and vernacular use of Breton is still apparent, of course, and often indexed as the only ‘authentic’ and legitimate use of Breton. This article examines some alternative linguistic practices within the Breton-speaking community and how ‘new’ speakers attempt to find for themselves an ideological niche in this community."


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