Hemon (1995:§274-275)

De Arbres
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 Stress in hyphenated words
 When two words are joined by a hyphen, each of them
 retains its own accentuation: 
 kabell-touseg 'mushroom' ['ka:bɛl'tu:sek].
 But if the two stresses fail next to one another, the stress of
 the first word weakens and disappears completely, especially if the
 compound is in frequent use: 
 mamm-gozh 'grandmother'[màm'go:s]/[màm'go:x]; 
 a-walc'h 'enough' [a'walx]; 
 e-barzh 'in' [e'bars]/[barx]. E-barzh is often pronounced [ba].


  • Hemon, R. 1975a 1995. Breton Grammar. Translated, adapted, and revised by Michael Everson. Dublin: Everson Gunn Teoranta.