Guilliot (2006b)

De Arbres
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  • Guilliot, Nicolas. 2006b. 'A top-down analysis for reconstruction', Lingua 116:1888–1914.

 In this paper, I argue for a top-down derivational approach to reconstruction facts. I defend two related proposals to account for some puzzling and unresolved data on reconstruction regarding resumption, relativization and cyclicity. First, I argue for a syntactic top-down derivation in the sense of Phillips (1996) and Richards (1999). Second, I argue that the assignment of semantic values to any referential expression throughout the interpretation procedure also operates derivationally and in parallel with the syntactic derivation. This analysis will be supported mainly by data from Breton, but also from Welsh (Rouveret, 2002), Italian (Bianchi, 1995), Lebanese Arabic (Aoun et al., 2001), and English (Fox, 2000). 

 This paper provides a novel approach to reconstruction facts, which accounts for a very wide range of puzzling data involving the interaction of reconstruction with resumption, appositive relatives and cyclicity. The analysis relies crucially on the fact the semantic derivation proceeds in parallel with the syntactic derivation unfolding in a top-down fashion. Under this view, the semantic calculus, that is the assignment procedure, can itself feed syntactic operations.