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 [In Breton Saint Yvi...] 
 "The syntactic structure is frequently SVO in the spoken language as we can see 
 in the hybrid constructions below in which the personal inflections have been 
 retained, but the subject preposed."
         Hendall ni welem ket den ‘bet gwech ebet ba n’amziriou-se. (SY orth)
         A-hent-all (ni) ne welemp ket den ebet en amzeriou-se. (StanBret)
         ‘Otherwise, we did not ever see anyone in those days.’
         Blam ni ‘ouiem kin brezoneg. (SY orth)
         Abalamour (ni) ne ouiemp nemet brezhoneg. (StanBret)
         ‘Because we only knew Breton …’


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