Eska (2020)

De Arbres
  • Eska, Joseph F. 2020. 'Remarks on the left periphery in the medieval Brittonic languages', Chatreššar 1, 35-51. texte.

 "This paper proposes that the clausal configuration of affirmative root clauses in the medieval Brittonic languages is best characterised as a token of a relaxed verb-second (V2) language, in which the verb can appear as late as sixth position in the clause, but can be preceded by no more than a single argument. The absolute restriction to only a single argument occurring before the verb is related to the evolution of medieval Brittonic V2 from a cleft structure. There are, in fact, tokens of  two arguments appearing before the verb in all of the medieval Brittonic languages, but these are exclusively the result of poetic overdetermination."