Doublage du verbe en basque

De Arbres

Contexte: beginning of a letter. Preceding sentence "All of a sudden God decided to leave me without father and mother: I have no kin or protector in the world."

    Normal   0                  Zu-gana jotzen    du-t, 
    Normal   0                  you-to  strik-ing AUX-1sgERG
    Normal   0                  jakin bait-aki-t nire ongi-a nahi izan du-zu-la beti 
    Normal   0                  know because-know(root)-1sg.ERG my good-ABS want have AUX-2sgERG-that always
    Normal   0                  eta edonor-i lagun-tze-ko prest dau-de-n hori-etako-a zar-ela.
    Normal   0                  and anyone-DAT help-ing-ADJ ready be-3plABS-REL be.2plABS-that
    Normal   0                  "I turn to you, because I know that you have always wanted my good, and that you are one of those who are ready to help anyone."

Continuation: "I pray to good that this letter might reach your hands in some way!" [1]

  1. Aleksandr Sergeievitx Pushkin. Kapitainaren alaba [The captain's daugher]. Ibaizabal Argitaletxea: Euba. translated by Jose Morales Belda. (no date; no. 55 in series Literatura Unibertsala).