Discussion:Rituel Romain et son Prône

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--Wade (discussion) 4 septembre 2020 à 10:55 (CEST): This is a Prône like the FP of 1963 in Chrestomathie. It is probably the same as the 1631 Prône cited in the DEVRI corpus under Prône, since the date & vannetais attributions are the same and there is no other v. text of the MB period, though in DEVRI the 1631 Prône is said to be published by Ernault 1905 in Revue Morb. (I do not have access). Unless someone has used the abbreviation RR, it is probably best to use Prône as in DEVRI, following Hemon's (Ernault's?) convention that MB texts have one capital letter, 18C wo, 19C three, 20C four.

--MJ. (discussion) 5 septembre 2020 à 11:57 (CEST): Thanks. The RR. abbreviation is used elsewhere. I have added the Pron abbreviation to the list, and changed the titl to Rituel Romain et son Prône.