Cheveau (2007b)

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Cheveau, L. 2007. 'The Direct Object Personal Pronouns in Lorient Area Breton', Studia Celtica 41, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 91-102.

  Abstract :
 "The Breton language is roughly divided in two main dialect groups, called Vannetais and KLT. The morphology and syntax of the object pronouns are more archaic in the Vannetais dialects than in the KLT ones, and are almost identical to the Mediaeval Breton ones. In this paper, we shall give a survey of the morphology and syntax of the object pronouns in Lorient area Breton, a Western Vannetais dialect that is geographically very close to the KLT area, and compare them to those of Literary Vannetais (based on Eastern Vannetais). We shall try to show that Lorient area dialect remains typically Vannetais, though, and has conserved the Vannetais archaic features, without any influence of KLT dialects. 
 Literary Vannetais has three series of object pronouns according to the form of the verb they are linked to. Lorient area Breton has series that are very similar to those, plus another new series. So this dialect has four object pronouns series – typologically, this fact is very uncommon among Indo-European languages."