Brun-Trigaud & al. (2016)

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  • Guylaine Brun-Trigaud, Tanguy Solliec & Jean Le Dû. 2016. 'A new dialectometric approach applied to the Breton language', Marie-Hélène Côté, Remco Knooihuizen & John Nerbonne (éds.), The future of dialects, 135-154, Berlin: Language Science Press.

 "This paper presents a new dialectometric approach applied to the Breton language in the heart of Breton-speaking Brittany. It is based on data from the Nouvel Atlas Linguistique de la Basse-Bretagne Le Dû (2001). We process qualitative data using the Levenshtein algorithm which allows us to accurately measure and take into account the discrepancies or similarities between different pronunciations of a given word. This contribution aims to determine whether linguistic distance is caused by a frequent repetition of the same phenomenon or whether it is the outcome of multiple changes. Our first results suggest new ways of analysing Breton data."