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  • février, 25.
 Diwar-vremañ e c'haller implijout an troer emgefre war-eeun e lec'hienn an Ofis.  
  • feb. 3
 Call for Submissions
 Garm Lu publishes a diverse collection of academic and artistic material pertaining to all aspects of the Celtic world
 on a semi-annual basis.  The journal is published by the University of Toronto Celtic Society, an undergraduate student 
 organisation affiliated with the Celtic Studies program at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto.  
 Garm Lu also receives support from the Canadian Celtic Arts Association.  The journal has been publishing for over 
 twenty-five years and in the past has carried original material by such notables as Sorley MacLean, Seamus Heaney and 
 Ann Dooley.
 The editors welcome previously unpublished material in English or any Celtic language pertaining to the Celtic speaking
 peoples, their descendants or any aspect of the Celtic world.  Academic essays, interviews, poetry, short stories, 
 reminiscences, photography and artwork are all welcome.  Please send your submissions as email attachments to the Managing
 Editors at  The deadline for submissions is February 26th, 2010 for the Spring 2010 issue.
 The journal circulates widely among the University of Toronto academic community as well as to a large number of subscribers
 through the Canadian Celtic Arts Association.  Please send any inquiries to
  • jan. 9, 10
 The organizers of the International Celtic Congress which will take place in Maynooth, Ireland in 2011, have indicated 
 their willingness to host a session on theoretical issues in Celtic linguistics as part of the Congress, provided there 
 are sufficient papers. If you would like such a para-session to take place, please submit an abstract to the Comitteee 
 as soon as the call for papers is announced. You can go on the mailing list of the Congress by writing to
  • 8 juin
réécriture complète de la fiche sur la négation.

  • 5 juin
J'ai ajouté une carte de localisation des monographies et corpus.

  • 4 avril
J'ai rencontré la petite sœur gaélique du site ARBRES!
Ce site de documentation de la syntaxe du gaélique écossais est géré par de valeureux/ses de l'université d'Arizona (USA) (ce n'est pas un wiki). [MJ]
  • 15 mars
Sondage TMO: 172.000 personnes parlent actuellement le breton contre 246.000 il y a dix ans

J'ai ajouté le lien vers leur liste dans la bibliographie et la page de lien. [MJ]

  • A ce site s'adjoindra bientôt un site d'archive ouverte, où chacun.e pourra télécharger ou déposer des documents concernant l'étude formelle linguistique du breton. Ce site frère, contrairement au site ARBRES, sera ouvert à tout le champ de la linguistique formelle: morphologie, syntaxe mais aussi phonologie et sémantique. [MJ]