Timm (2001b)

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Timm, L., 2001b. 'Transforming Breton: A Case Study in Multiply Conflicting Language Ideologies', Texas Linguistic Forum 44:447-461. pdf

 This study describes a complex and contested set of
 efforts by mid 20th-c. language strategists in Brittany to
 modernize and standardize the Breton language in a cal-
 culated attempt to hoist Breton to the rank of a world lan-
 guage. It considers accomplishments and setbacks of
 those efforts, and reactions to them by the traditional
 Breton-speaking population. It is shown that the language
 strategists were motivated by conceptions of language
 refracted through a lens colored by strong notions con-
 cerning language and identity and language and political
 economy. The conclusion considers the possible implica-
 tions for the perpetuation of Breton as one of Europe’s
 ‘small’ languages.