Jouitteau (2019)

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  • Jouitteau, M. 2019. 'Left Edge Filling Trigger ; V2 as obligatory exponence at the sentence level and typological implications', Sam Wolfe & Rebecca Woods (eds.), Rethinking V2, Oxford: OUP. texte.

 "This paper is an inquiry about the subcomponent of the Extended Projection Principle (EPP) that is relevant for second position phenomena: the Left Edge Filling Trigger (LEFT). LEFT basically amounts to a classical morphological obligatory exponence effect, except it is instantiated at the sentence level. It crosslinguistically operates in a postsyntactic realizational morphological module. I show that LEFT is an active rule of Universal Grammar, providing empirical arguments from Breton, a Celtic VSO language showing an extra conspicuous V2 requirement. I propose a radical reanalysis of language typology of word order. Classical V2 languages are conspicuously V2. SVO is a subtype. So-called V1 languages are either predicate fronting languages (Tense second), or inconspicuously V2. I discuss a crosslinguistic typology of LEFT effects, with great attention to inconspicuous satisfiers, among them null expletives for which I present evidence. I argue accordingly for a drastic extension of the typology of expletives."